We are Jim and Pam P. We are so very honored to have you visit our website!


Our History

We married in 2008. We knew just enough to try to put Jesus’ plan for us- FIRST. We did this both in the activities of our day-to-day lives and, also in our relationship with one another.  We accomplished this by trial and error and on a day-to-day basis. It wasn’t always easy, but it was a joy to share life with each other.


We grew in strength as well as together as a couple. For us, that meant sharing our spiritual insights. By listening to the teachings of Andrew Wommack, we realized that we needed to become more pro-active with our faith.  Our lives at that time were not matched with the loving and generous Promises of God.


Thus began a twelve-year journey of ministry. Our learning of His ways continues to this day. 

As we obeyed God, stretched out our faith, we tested His promise-keeping.  We found Him true to His Word. We learned who we are–in Him. We began to expect His goodness and He improved our ability to better love each other and others!


Our Present


“A cup of Charis” has been opened to provide a place to show you how to experience the love and life of God.  He has a special plan for you and your circle of influence.  we can help you. There is an exciting life waiting for you! Join us as we assemble together in the coming days to share this journey.


If you are a new Christian, we are able to give you the ABC’s of the Abundant Life. If you are a middle-of-the-road or even a well-seasoned Christian, we are ready to help you to continue to mature in your faith and to even “go deeper.”  If you have your own ministry, our door is always open to you. We want to be the Charis-haven for all needs in our locale. Join us for a 5 star spiritual atmosphere!


You are encouraged to email us at acupofcharis@gmail.com with your questions, prayer requests or concerns. Your email addresses will be kept confidiential.


There are no co-incidences, nor accidents. If you are glancing through our web pages, He is likely calling you to come and visit with us. Join us and permit Him to touch you in His custom-tailored ways. We promise to love you, offer you confidentiality as well as to help you generate a smile or two.


Our door is open to you and we welcome you to join us in our God-adventure.  We look forward to supporting you as your life changes for the better.


We guarantee it...not based on our word but based on His Word.


Offering you His Divine Love,


Jim and Pam

A  Cup  of  Charis

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